What is the process?
How long application on file?
How soon will someone contact me?
What if I have a criminal record?
What if my felony is older than 10 years? 
What if I have less than 6 months experience?
How can I apply to airlines or TSA security?
If I am on parole or probation?
What if my record is in the process of being expunged?
Do I have to take a drug test?
In what types of jobs does AETC, Inc specialize?

When can I expect to find a new position?
We cannot offer any kind of timetable, as there are many variables outside of our control. Your placement depends on what our customers are seeking, and as much as we wish we could predict all of their needs, we simply cannot. A Recruiter will contact you if a suitable position becomes available.

Can AETC help me find a new position whether I’m looking across the country or in my own city?
Yes. AETC, Inc works with client companies located throughout the United States. We will discuss your preferences in our initial interview and enter that information into our search criteria.

Are there any tips on being a contract employee?
Keeping your skills up to date and maintaining a good professional track record will always keep you favorable in any potential employer’s mind.

Does it cost me anything to work with AETC?
No. There are never any fees for you, the job seeker. Only opportunities with some of the most exciting companies in the country!

What is the benefit of using a professional recruiter?
We can assist you in a confidential search with our clients versus you having to search newspaper ads, etc. and send your resume blindly to opportunities.

We can tell you about opportunities that are not advertised in the newspapers.

We offer you resume and interview tips, strengthening your chances of obtaining the job.

We help prepare you for the interview based on our knowledge of the company, it's culture, it's personnel and it's hiring practices.
Is there any type of fee that I have to pay?
NO. Accounting Resources never requires any type of fee from our candidates seeking a new position. 
What is the typical "process" for the job search?
The first step is sending your resume to us, so we have a chance to review prior to an interview.

Secondly, we schedule a time to meet or have a phone interview to talk specifically about your prior work experience, skills, and reasons for seeking a new position.

Next, we will discuss, at length, what type of position you are seeking; including the type of company, scope of responsibilities, career potential, and compensation package. 

Lastly, we go to work to try to find opportunities that fit your skill set.

As we find opportunities, we will present them to you for your "approval".  We will NOT forward your resume to any client without your permission.